This is a picture of what you use to host. It's called the Dream Daemon.

You can host a server using Dream Dameon. You'll automatically become admin Level 4 which is the highest level admin that a player can get. Owners can reach Admin level 5 maximum.

Port ForwardingEdit

There's a website for this so I don't really wanna have to go through it but I'll tell you some of the basics. For 1, your port can be found here : (Click this Link) . The numbers at the top of your page is your ip. Your remote port is what you put into at the Port Section. If you wanna go to the website about port forwarding then just click this link.

Some Host FilesEdit

Some of the files in your folder are Errors,Saves,Logs,etc. Most of them connect to something in-game so deleting some of them changes the game when you host it. DO NOT DELETE THE RSC. If you delete the RSC then the game chatting system will be fucked up. Seriously just don't. DO NOT DELETE THE MISC. Well, unless you wanna be an abusive bitch. This deletes the logs and you can get banned for that.

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